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Tony Pulis – Tactical Genius


Every few years a footballing hero emerges. A man deserving of remembrance. One whom upon simply hearing his name brings flashbacks of great footballing moments. Someone who has created moments of pure excitement and awe. Tony Pulis is not one  of those men.

The Dr. Doom of football is slated to be inducted into the LMA Hall of Fame following his 1,000th game in charge, which will inevitable end in a forgettable goalless draw. In a career where he held the reigns of teams such as Stoke City, West Brom, Stoke again and a year at Crystal Palace, all known for quality high paced football – Is it any wonder? Does any man deserve more to be held aloft quite like the opening scene in the Lion King, as Alex Ferguson, Bill Shankly and Brian Clough chant “One of us”? Almost certainly.

It may seem like I’m blasting Pulis, and that would be a fair assumption. However, there is a deep seeded admiration for this man. In a world where teams are trying to employ tiki-taka and high tempo football. Few men have risen up and said “No, just launch it at the big man”, he is of a dying breed. He and Sam Allardyce are perfect examples of how sticking to your guns and living in the realms of mediocrity is enough to keep you in a decent job, and possibly land you the England position.

There is a bigger problem at hand here though. The willy nilly handing out of awards. Whist 1,000 games is an impressive record, achievement should be taken into consideration here. To put someone in the Hall of Fame for just hanging around is an insult to those who have achieved major success. If you think I’m being harsh on poor old Tony here just think to yourself, would you want him managing your team rather than Bob Paisley or Matt Busby? If you said yes you’re a moron. A man with the charisma of a cucumber, his greatest achievements are getting Gillingham promoted and consistent mid-table finishes. Is this the best we have, is this Hall of Fame material? The only time he should be considered by a panel is for his crimes against football.

I wanted to finish this with some quotes from the big man himself. This endeavor was unsuccessful. It appears he has said very little of note. While scrolling through them an advert came up saying, “a suicide note speaks too late”, an ironic indictment of how boring both and his football are. So, I will leave you with this, in a league with Guardiola, Klopp and Mourinho, one man towers above them all. A man rising from the ashes of a lost era of footballing tactics to soar above them all. That man is Tony Pulis and I applaud you.

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