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The Curious Case of Mamadou Sakho

There are a lot of things people look forward to during the year. These annual events are corner stones of our existence. From Christmas to the beginning of the football season, they’re moments we spend the preceding weeks looking forward to. One such event is the annual Liverpool cringe. This moment of needless drama has been a staple of the Liverpool season for as long as I can remember. From Luis Suarez’s mishaps, Craig Bellamy’s golf club to just about every moment of El Hadji Diouf’s existence.

Whilst not exclusive to Liverpool, there does always seem to be a much larger media circus when it inevitably occurs at Anfield. This year’s edition has been brought to you by the giant man-child Mamadou Sakho. The 26-year-old French defender had already been sent home during a preseason tour of America for basically being a pain in the arse, only months after being cleared of doping. While most people would consider keeping their head down, this is not the case for Sakho. Sakho decided three in the morning before Liverpool’s match with Hull City, would be a great moment to air his grievances.

To break it down, he claimed Liverpool are lying about the extent of his injury, that he’s been fully fit for the last three weeks and he’s not even being considered for the U23s

“Now it’s three weeks since I am fit to play games. I finish all my rehabilitation work. They don’t want me to play also with second team lol! Why, I don’t know.”

This was then followed by, quite frankly, an uncomfortable attempt to suck up to fans.

“Still happy to live in my ‘Liverpool Country’ with my family, hope to have chance to play soon to give my best like I try to do always!”.

The thing here is, his problems are reasonable, to be left out if you’re not injured and not even being left into the U23’s is a reason to be upset. For someone who was a starter under Klopp last season, it would be frustrating. That is, if Sakho had not spent the last six months getting himself caught doping, and sent home for his quite clear immaturity. When you’re already in hot water calling your boss a liar usually isn’t the best move.

I do need to ask who the hell follows these people on snapchat? As someone who doesn’t even use twitter as I feel a hundred and forty characters of what a footballer is thinking is a hundred and forty characters too many, how have they not learned? In a time of twenty-four-hour news, companies will jump on anything to fill time. To use this medium to vent your issues with your club is idiotic and short-sighted. The best thing for Sakho to do in the coming weeks is to put the shovel down, give the good old “It was in the heat of the moment” excuse and hope to god he’s not sold to Stoke in January.

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