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Bournemouth’s Star midfielder and Jack Wilshere…

If we learnt anything from this current International break it’s Ireland don’t have many exciting midfield players but, one Bournemouth player certainly has captured the imagination of Ireland fans this season. A central midfielder who can turn on a six pence, win a 50/50 challenge and has an eye for a killer pass, this player has shone for Bournemouth this season. Rumors circulated about this player pledging allegiance to the England national team instead of Ireland but, the player has since committed to Martin O’Neil’s side.

I know what some of you are thinking… “But Dave, Jack Wilshere has played for England competitively and doesn’t  have an Irish Granny!?!”  That’s because I am not talking about Jack Wilshere. I’m talking about Harry Arter.

Eddie Howe has built his Bournemouth side to be something like a “Cheap mans” Arsenal. His team team play football the way fans want to see football played. Quick, on the deck, always moving forward and have been a joy watch. In this Bournemouth team Harry Arter has become there most influential player (even Jack agrees). Harry Arter is everything we thought Jack Wilshere would be this season.

According to Squawka, “Arter has created six chances and with two assists. He has also completed 231 passes this season with a pass accuracy of 85%, of which 81% were forward passes”. If we compare this to Jack Wilshere who has created three chances with no assists and has completed 55 passes this season with a pass accuracy of 95%, of which 47% were forward passes. Not what we expected from the youngster who single handily beat Xavi and Iniesta into submission during a Champions league game in 2011.


I can’t help but sigh when I watch this video because my fellow Podcast Contributor Kieran (who you can read more from here) and I had a summer long argument about whether Jack Wilshere is “world class” or even could be “world class” minus the injuries. But, watching Bournemouth this season has made me realize that he isn’t even the best midfielder at a  bottom half premier league club. So far this season Jack is being schooled in midfield play by a midfielder who played for Woking in 2010.

Lets just imagine if Harry Arter did declare to play for England and if the current form of both players continued at the same level. Who would you put your money on to represent England at the World Cup in  2018?  Both players? Neither? Either way I would imagine Harry would be a lot closer then Jack.

In the “Bruised Ego Restauant”  Wayne Rooney and Joe Hart have already had to eat humble pie and accept they aren’t the players they once were. Jack Wilshere was served a nice big slice of humble pie when Arsene Wenger  sent him to Bournemouth on transfer deadline day. I just hope I don’t have Kieran serving me a slice  of humble pie and Bournemouth can have two outstanding midfield players this season, not just Harry Arter.

For more opinions, listen to the PUPcast podcast here!





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