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Who Needs Spain When You Have Shakira – Pique

Let’s be honest all of us at one point have wanted to be Gerard Pique mainly because he’s going out with Shakira. Aside from that the man is also a four time Champions League winner as well as having a World Cup and European Championship under his belt. Despite this pedigree he is not immune to the nest of pigs we call the internet.

Recently Pique found himself in a spot of bother over allegedly cutting off the Spanish flag from the sleeve of his jersey during a World Cup qualifier against Albania. This accusation was quickly found to be complete and utter nonsense with no grounds in reality whatsoever. The long sleeve jersey which he’d cut the sleeves of does not carry the Spanish colours on the sleeve. Of course in classic internet style as soon as some muppet opened their mouth before actually stopping to think others followed suit in blasting the 29-year-old defender.

This has resulted in Pique announcing that he will be retiring from international football after the 2018 World Cup. He described the abuse he received from this false allegation as, “The straw that broke the camel’s back”. Admittedly Pique has been quite a controversial figure mainly due to his strong dislike of Real Madrid. A player that dislikes his rivals?! How absurd! String him from the rafters! Another strike against his name for many Spanish fans is his support of Catalan independence however this is sometimes blown out of proportion as the only quotes I can find from him on the matter aren’t exactly a call to arms.

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“I consider that, in a democracy, everyone has the right to decide. If people don’t have the right to express what they feel, we would be going back to a bygone era. Evolution is all about looking forward.”

Sounds like he’s making bombs in his basement to me.

The real problem here though is that people are so easily led into believing absolutely anything they read. Some fool dresses up as a clown and scares children, basement dwellers across the world start dressing up as clowns to scare children. No one seems to stop for a second and wait to see if what they just read on that clickbait page is actually true, or why they actually feel the need to abuse someone over it.

To be fair it does sound to me that Pique was thinking of retiring from international football before this pointless affair. In 2018 he’ll be 31 and whilst he still would have a lot to offer the side, he obviously doesn’t see the abuse from keyboard monkeys to be worth the hassle. He’s accomplished everything there is to accomplish on the international stage. The only ones losing out after this debacle is the Spanish side and the idiots who look far too into nonexistent drama. The Madrid media will just have to find another Catalan scapegoat to sacrifice as it continues to cup Ronaldo’s balls.

*I’m almost 100% certain Pique is not making bombs in his basement.

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