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Can Spurs break through the Premier League Glass ceiling?

The last two weeks have been a mixed bag for Tottenham Hotspur. Knocked out of the champions league by Monaco, comprehensively  beaten by Chelsea in the league, then they beat Swansea 5-0 and most recently beat CSKA Moscow in Wembley to secure Europa League football for what seems like the 100th year in a row. Is this just a bad run of form or is this a true reflection of where Spurs are when being compared to English footballs elite? Good, but not good enough.

Despite what Sky and BT Sports want you to believe, realistically there is ever only three teams at a push that can win the Premier League. Sky Sports every year fool us into thinking Arsenal won’t mess up when it matters, United have finally signed the “world class player” to make them contenders and “This will be Liverpool’s year”. But, when we really dig down deep and listen to that one voice inside us that speaks common sense we all really know its going to be Chelsea or City.


Seriously Spurs couldn’t beat these guys? Photo credit @getty images


So where does that leave Spurs? No massive marketing campaign can convince us they will win the league (They couldn’t even do it when there only challengers where Leicester) and we all know there too good to be mid table like Everton, Stoke and Southampton. If you can picture the Premier League as a typical Irish wedding. The top 6 teams are at the top of the function room. The relegation candidates are at the kiddies table eating sausages and chips. If Spurs were at a wedding they would be at the table by the door to the kitchen. 12 people squashed together eating their beef or salmon trying to make small talk. The only thing they all have in common is that they barley knew the bride or groom, there just there as a polite invite because they worked with the grooms mum in a past job.

Are we being too harsh on Spurs though? Should we be commending Daniel Levy for building a consistent Premier League team that is always on the brink of Champions League football? Never really contenders for the title but, just good enough that they can fool us for a week that they can win the league. Also Spurs have to panic buy players like Moussa Sissoko when your rivals are signing Paul Pogba doesn’t help. Or should we be critical of man who sold Gareth Bale for a 100 million euros, bought 5 terrible players and two good ones and some how ended up with Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Toby Alderwierld? It seems even when Spurs completely mess up a golden opportunity they still manage to end up exactly where they were before.


Its seems to be a big team in England you need to fall in one of these three categories. The first category is “Teams that have won lots of titles will always be called big teams”. Manchester United and Arsenal seem to be running on the fumes of past glories. When United unveil there annual “Big Summer signing  who will eventually disappoint us” they all seem to talk about the history of the club. Most notably the Fergie years. Not the most recent tenures of David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal. Arsenal like United, are a big club because of the Invincible team of 2003/2004 but, we don’t take into consideration the fact Wenger has only won two FA cups in 13 years. The second category is “sign a good player who turns out to be a world beater and becomes much better then we ever expected. Which in turn we will eventually sell to sign more good players” Liverpool fall into this category most recently after the signing of Luiz Suarez. The final category  is “Get yourself a rich owner who wants to launder money in your club and sign a million players”.  Chelsea and City fall into this category.  Spurs don’t have the history to be in category one, they almost fell in to category two after having Gareth Bale but messed that up and there best bet of really breaking into the premier league elite will be getting into category three. But, there is only so many oil tycoons trying to hide “dirty money”.

Spurs are looking up at a glass ceiling trying to break into the top floor with the “big clubs” in England . On the field Spurs seem to always break the opposition down with hard work, endeavor and a touch of class from Kane, Son, Alli or Eriksen. Off the field it seems Spurs will never break down that glass ceiling and will always be on the outside looking in.

For more views and opinions on the Premier League listen to the PUPcast Here.




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