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The Top 5 Poch Poses

As the New Year approaches, the PUPcast team take a look back on the best Pochettino Poses.

5. Poch + Dembele

In at number 5, Pochettino shows us his serious “game face” while signing Mousa Dembele to a new contract which sparked rumours of a guest appearance in a Zoolander sequel. The left footed Belgian has made 11 appearances for Spurs so far this season.


4. Poch + Alli

Continuing our countdown, at number 4 is Poch and England international Deli Alli. In this Poch Pose, Pocchetino attempts his best cool uncle smirk as Alli signs his five-and-a-half deal in 2015. Strangely, Alli’s left hand can be seen caressing the gaffer’s leg which might explain how Alli is still in the starting Spurs team despite some lackluster performances.


3. Poch + Lloris

In at number 3, Pochettino stuns the footballing community by being the only man capable of looking happier than a goalkeeper that has just signed a £100k per week contract. To note, this image almost looks like a before and after picture for heroin users.


2. Poch + Pritchard

Throwing all tradition out of the window, at number 2 it’s Pochettino and Alex Pritchard. In a bizarre turn of events, Pochettino sits to the right of the youngster in a vile pose that scarred the world of football. Proving to be a bad omen, as since Pritchard has left the club, the “curse of the left handed blonde” as it is known, is whispered around White Hart Lane.


1. Poch + Kane

Now the Poch Pose you have all been waiting for – at number 1 is Pochettino and Harry Kane. After a booze filled night of general tom foolery, Pochettino tries his very best to mask his banging hangover. Once again, Kane is snapped with his mouth open and a clueless expression.



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