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3 Reasons Why Everton Will Be Better Without Romelu Lukaku

As a podcast, the PUPcast think Romelu Lukaku is a fantastic talent, however, contributor Kieran believes losing the Belgian star will greatly help Everton and here are the reasons why:

1. He’s not THAT good..


Photo Credit Daily Mail

I expect to receive a lot of abuse for this, but I will stick to my unpopular opinion.

Let’s take a look back at Lukaku’s career so far, the 23 year old has bags on potential and has been tipped for success yet has only performed on the smaller stage. At Anderlecht, West Brom and Everton, Lukaku has been the key player where his goals have proven pivotal for their over achievements. Chelsea, like with many other players, were the club to bring Romelu to the Premier League and with the Blues Lukaku only managed a single goal in 15 appearances.

It’s apparent that Lukaku wants to leave the Toffees to play with better players and to feature in European competitions, but let’s look at his European record. Despite scoring 4 goals in Anderlecht’s Europa League run in the 09/10 season, his mark on European football has been somewhat non-existent. Even with a sprinkle of brace’s and a hat trick against group stage fodder, Lukaku has yet to redeem himself for his penalty miss in the Super Cup final versus Bayern Munich.

Likewise, with “better players” Lukaku has underachieved. If we cast our thoughts back to Euro 2016, Lukaku was part of the disappointing Belgium squad that crashed out of the quarter finals to Wales and only mustered two goals, both coming against a lackluster Irish side.

It will be difficult to replace his goals, but Everton are not losing a world-class striker.

2. Money!


Photo Credit Daily Star

As much as I respect Everton, like many others they are simply a selling club that cannot compete with European powerhouses let alone Premier League title contenders. I believe Lukaku has reached a stage in his career where he can join a club who will regularly challenge for titles and trophies, not just compete. The current potential suitors, Chelsea and PSG, can fork out serious cash for Lukaku and the Everton fans must think logically about the sale. In this ridiculous market, we could see the Belgian move for over 40 million.

3. A Better Squad


Photo Credit WorldFootball

During his announcement, Lukaku stated that Everton refused to sign a number of high profile transfer targets which left him frustrated and confirmed that he could not achieve trophies with his current employers. Everton were in a similar situation back in 2004 with Wayne Rooney but the Merseyside team failed to reinvest his transfer fee with a string of unsuccessful strikers such as Andy Johnson. It is imperative that Everton learn from this mistake. In a league in a transitional period, wisely investing circa 40 million could turn Everton from mid-table to regular European places.

profile.jpg   By PUPcast Contributor Kieran

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