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The Future of Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker has been hailed as one of the best full-backs in the Premier League this season for Spurs, yet following being benched in the North London derby, rumours have been sparked that the England international will be leaving White Hart Lane this summer.

Many were shocked to see Kieran Trippier starting in this Sunday’s North London derby as Kyle Walker sat uninterested in the dugouts. It appears that the former Sheffield United defender has expressed his discontent with manager Pochettino in recent weeks and finds himself out of favour.

The PUPcast team discuss the future of Kyle Walker.

In this modern game you must remember that pride and loyalty are scarcely found. The majority of Tottenham’s young English stars are vastly underpaid in comparison to their rival counterparts. It is reported that Walker earns around 65,000 per week, compare that figure to John Stones’ wage for Manchester City which is rumoured to be in surplus of 100,000 per week.

Kyle Walker, Tottenham right-back

With this, Walker feels the right to match the competitive wages of his England team mate, but it appears that Pocchetino, along with Frank Lampard, feel Trippier to be a cheaper and ideal replacement should Walker choose to depart White Hart Lane (or is it Wembley?).

The hearsay of a disgruntled Walker surfaced in the weeks leading up to the North London derby but were apparent as the team sheet was released. With Spurs’ pathetic displays in Europe and after being humbled by Chelsea in the FA Cup Semi-Finals, one cannot blame Walker for casting his eyes away from The Lilywhites.

Kyle Walker will struggle to achieve trophies with Tottenham, as suggested in Podcast #28 Spurs seem to always fall short when it truly matters.

Comically, Arsenal would appear to be the best fit for Walker, especially since Arsene Wenger has adapted his tactics (poorly) to three at the back with two wing backs. However, it appears the Manchester clubs are the most keen on his signature.

With both clubs in line for European football and more than capable of doubling Walker’s current earnings, the 26 year old very well may make the trip north for the beginning of next season’s Premier League.


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