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“I don’t want to win the Europa League. It would be a big disappointment for me.” Jose Mourinho, 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good United bashing – 3 hours and 16 minutes to be precise.

Following a disappointing 2-1 loss to Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, Mourinho’s United confirmed that they were mathematically unable to reach the Champions’ League for a second consecutive season and slumped back to the familiar position of 6th.

But at least they are in the Europa League final, right? At least Mourinho has brought success and silverware back to Old Trafford, right? Well this is what die-hard United fans from outside of Manchester want you to believe.

Speaking in 2013, Mourihno, who had just succeeded Rafa Benitez as Chelsea boss, told the BBC: “I don’t want to win the Europa League. It would be a big disappointment for me. I don’t want my players to feel the Europa League is our competition.”

Explain this then Jose?

That celebration certainly looks like a man who isn’t disappointed with the Europa League final, but this sums up the “Special One” in his entirety. A fraud and a showman.

Mourihno stormed out of his post match interview this weekend quoting the excuse that he does not want to focus on planning for a title challenge when he wants to focus on the Europe League final. The same final Jose ridiculed just four years previously.

The man has built his “success” on criticisms and excuses. We could delve into years gone past and we shall do so later in this piece, but we only need to evaluate this season to highlight Mourihno’s book of excuses.

Let’s examine a few:

Prior to Premier League clash versus WBA, “If you compare our situation with our opponents, with only one player on international duty. They had time to work, time to rest and prepare. It’s going to be hard.

West Brom had ten players on international duty.

After losing to Spurs: “Nobody can play two big competitions with fifteen players and this is what we have at the time.”

Maybe you should’ve spent that £200m more wisely?

Jose’s list goes on and on and on..

Hearing Mourihno complain about injuries is beginning to wear thin, he’s not the only manager to experience injuries and fatigue – Sergio Aguero, Harry Kane and Phillipe Coutinho were all out for considerable spells this season – yet you hardly hear other Premier League coaches using that as a weekly excuse.

We can look further back if necessary. Any time that Mourihno has been created success it ultimately ends in tragedy with a string of scapegoats along the way.

In both spells at Chelsea, Jose’s ego as the Special One obliterated some of the best squad of players we’ve seen in the Premier League. As mentioned in PUPcast Episode #31, “quote”.

During his time at Los Blancos, Jose managed to topple the seemingly invincible Barcelona under the guidance of Pep Guardiola but also managed to divide a dressing room.

Club legend Iker Casillas was dropped following a disagreement with Jose which angered players and fans alike. This trouble spelt the beginning of the end for the Portuguese manager as his uneccessary brash behaviour scarred his success.

All this truly paints the character of Jose Mourihno, an unruly dictator with a dictionary of disculpate to exempt himself from any blame. Let us not forget the fiasco with Eva Carneiro.

So as the Red Devils prepare for their Europa League final versus Ajax in Stockholm and in the event that they manage to defeat the Dutch side, remember Jose’s 2013 quote as he slides on his knees in joy and pumps his chest for the travelling support.Watford v Manchester United - Premier League

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